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What does the phrase dissipation of assets mean?

There are many different issues that you will need to deal with when getting divorced in Colorado. the nature of this type of legal proceeding, a number of them will be financial in nature. While you may be aware of the fact that some spouses may try to hide assets from one another during divorce so that they are not required to split them, another tactic that some people employ is to spend money frivolously prior to or during the divorce. According to Forbes, this is what is known as the dissipation of assets.

What recent statistics say about age and divorce

Most people who enter into marriage in Denver imagine that their union will last forever. Unfortunately, for many people, reality eventually sets in and they realize that this simply is not always true. A divorce can send a person’s life into upheaval and have them questioning how their circumstances compare to other people’s marriages and divorces. Some new statistics are out concerning at what age people are most likely to divorce.

Research shows parents’ relationship may affect kids’ health

When a marriage comes to an end in Denver, the lives of everyone involved change dramatically. While some people are able to put aside their differences and maintain an amicable rapport, others have a contentious relationship. At Frost & Beck, P.C., we understand that there is a lot at stake with your divorce and that getting through it with as little stress as possible is important to you.

Study examines how a couple’s friendships affect divorce chances

When a marriage comes to an end in Denver, it can be emotionally very difficult. In addition to having to take on the difficult tasks of dividing up marital property and dealing with alimony and other financial issues, many people find themselves questioning how and why the split happened.

What are some tips for having a healthy relationship with my ex?

Going through a divorce in Colorado means that you are no longer legally tied to your spouse. However, just because you and your ex are no longer married, it does not necessarily mean that he or she is no longer involved in your life in any way. This is especially true if you have children and are sharing custody. Maintaining a healthy relationship is possible if you set some rules for yourself and stick to them.

How can I protect a family trust in my divorce?

When deciding who is entitled to what during a Denver divorce, courts will generally consider only those things that are marital property. Separate property usually stays with the person to whom it belonged before the marriage. If your family has a trust account set up in your name and you want to make sure that it is not up for grabs during your divorce, here is what you need to know.

There is now a type of insurance policy that covers divorce

There are many different types of insurance that residents of Denver often purchase. However, most people would probably not think that they could purchase a policy that would cover them in the event of a divorce. However, according to Coverhound, these types of insurance policies do, in fact, exist.

Things to consider when legally separating from your spouse

People in Colorado who legally separate from their spouses do so for many reasons. Some people treat it as a trial period before filing for divorce. Others use the time to work on their relationship, while still others may not wish to divorce and see separation as a long-term solution. At Frost & Beck, P.C., we understand that you matter the reasons behind your separation, you want to make sure that your rights and finances remain protected.

Can fertility struggles increase the likelihood of divorce?

When most people in Denver get married, they have a very specific vision of what their future together will look like. For many, that vision includes having children. However, if you and your partner have struggled to get pregnant, the toll that it takes on your relationship could ultimately lead to a divorce, one study found.

What to know about splitting a 401(k)

When a couple divorces in Denver, there are often many different financial decisions that need to be made, including what to do with retirement accounts. With the rise of divorce among people 50 and over, these accounts are especially important to those close to retirement age. Different rules apply to different types of accounts. Here are the most important aspects to consider when dividing up a 401(k) account.

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