The Five Largest Divorces of All-Time

Divorce is not usually an enjoyable event for anyone. It is hard enough when there are only a few assets that hold minimal value. Imagine navigating your way through when there are billions of dollars worth of assets to be agreed upon and distributed. That was exactly the case in the world's five largest divorces of all-time. Between pricey artwork, business assets, stocks, multi-million dollar real estate, and all the billionaire toys, there was no shortage of issues for these spouses to hammer out.

The largest, coming in at a whopping $35 billion, was Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos. Jeff is the founder of Amazon, a global online marketplace. Once the divorce was finalized, MacKenzie became the world's, third-richest woman. Second, we have Bill and Sue Gross at $1.3 billion. Bill is the founder of Pimco, an asset-management firm. Assets distributed in this matter included a $36 million dollar Laguna Beach home, and a Picasso painting. Sue gained a $1.3 billion dollar fortune.

Steve and Elaine Wynn, cofounders of Wynn Resorts, divorced in 2010 agreeing on a settlement worth $850 million in shares. It was the spouses' second marriage and divorce. Oil tycoon Harold Hamm and Sue Ann Arnall battled it out in court proceedings that continued for three years before finally settling and walking away. Harold agreed to write his spouse a check in the amount of $974,790,317.77. However, she still wanted more of the billion-dollar fortune, and filed an appeal, which a judge ultimately dismissed. Finally, we have Roy and Patricia Disney. Roy was the nephew of Walt Disney, and worth $1.3 billion at the time of divorce. He lost nearly half of that fortune to his spouse when all was finalized.

Clearly, high asset divorces are usually messy, emotionally draining matters. While billionaire cases are few and far between, it is not uncommon for spouses who have amassed high-value property and assets to divorce. In such cases, knowledgeable, competent representation is needed to offer the best chance at reaching an amicable settlement agreement.

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