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Overview of grandparent visitation rights in Colorado

Like many other states, Colorado has a law that allows grandparents to ask a court for visitation rights with their grandchildren. It is interesting that in Colorado, great-grandparents also have a very similar option to ask for visitation.

Grandparents are allowed to ask for visitation in Colorado under three discrete circumstances. First, if the grandparent's child, that is, the legal mother or father of the grandchildren in question, has died, then the grandparents may ask for visitation.

Review of prenuptial agreements in Colorado

Like other states, Colorado allows a couple, prior to their wedding day, to sign what is commonly called a prenuptial agreement. In Colorado, this document may also be referred to as a premarital agreement.

While many residents of Centennial and other parts of the greater Denver area may see these agreements as a way of protecting assets in the event of a divorce, they are actually helpful in many situations where a couple has no plans to divorce but who may have special circumstances, such as children from a prior relationship.

What is a stock option and how does it get handled in divorce?

One of the unique features of a Colorado divorce or separation involving a couple where one or both are high-profile executives or professionals is that there may be a lot of complex assets in play.

For instance, many well-compensated people, in addition to a large cash salary, also get valuable fringe benefits that may be less common in the broader economy. One such fringe benefit is the stock option.

Collaborative law can solve hard cases with the right touch

Some Denver residents who have read our previous posts about the collaborative approach to divorce and separation may wonder whether it really could work for their particular situations.

In some cases, they may see that they have a lot of assets which are difficult to put a value on, or they may have some special child custody and support considerations that they see as difficult to resolve.

What is the issue with offshore accounts?

The fictional worlds of Hollywood and the novelist John Grisham, and sometimes even the real world as reported by the press, sometimes portray offshore accounts as something mysterious or even inherently a little edgy, as if they are a telltale sign that someone is skirting the law.

Contrary to this image of offshore accounts in popular culture, they are perfectly legal per se. As the name implies, an offshore account is simply a bank account or security with a situs in a foreign country.

Collaborative divorce may involve other professionals

One question about collaborative divorce that residents of the greater Denver area may have is how exactly decisions get made when there is the inevitable disagreement between the two parties.

After all, collaborative law is not a guarantee that there will be no disputes between two parties. Rather, it is a process by which two spouses agree to part ways and decided things like property division, child custody and visitation without resorting to litigation and the conflict that tends to come with that approach to things.

The nuts and bolts of collaborative law

Many people in the greater Denver area have probably heard family therapists and many lawyers and others tout the benefits of collaborative law. Even this blog has posted several times about the benefits of this upcoming subspecialty of family law practice.

Collaborative law is a relatively new way to handle issues surrounding divorce and separation, such as property distribution, child custody and the like. It is gaining traction against the more traditional model, in which, like other types of litigation, family law issues are worked out through court hearings and legal maneuvering.

How can you protect your business from divorce?

Running a business is difficult, but so is maintaining a healthy relationship. Many marriages in the Colorado fail. This is an unfortunate aspect of life. However, just because your marriage failed, does not mean your business needs to go down with it.

You may think that your spouse is bound to take half of your business after a divorce and your hard work will go down the drain. However, there are steps you can take to protect it before divorce is even on the table.

Colorado physicians may owe spousal maintenance in a divorce

Becoming a licensed physician is a huge accomplishment. To become a doctor in Colorado, one must go through years of schooling to earn a medical degree, complete a residency and obtain a license to practice medicine. It is not easy to complete all these steps, but oftentimes one's hard work pays off when they are able to earn a high salary as a practicing physician.

Some people going through medical school do so with the help of a spouse. For example, the burgeoning physician's spouse might work to pay for their partner's schooling. Then, once their partner becomes a practicing physician, they may stay out of the workforce to care for the family, so their partner can focus on their career. Sometimes this means a spouse gives up his or her own career prospects for the sake of his or her partner.

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