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Mediation discussions are confidential

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, divorce mediation proceedings, and, for that matter, court-supervised mediations in general, are confidential.

This means a number of things. For one, offers to settle a case during mediation cannot later be used as evidence against one side or the other. So, for example, if a Denver resident in the course of mediation expressed a willingness to give up primary custody to the other parent, his offer cannot later be used to prove he is not interested in having custody.

Can you get divorced online?

Divorce can be messy and expensive. You may have heard all sorts of nasty rumors about the divorce process and how it can affect people. You might think you need to find another way to file divorce. Online divorces are a recent trend that’s come with the rise of social media and the internet.

But is this really a viable alternative to the traditional divorce process? Does it simplify the process at all?

Parallel parenting plan can help in high conflict cases

This blog has on previous occasions discussed how even in high conflict situations, divorcing or separating couples in Centennial and the other communities in and around Denver can benefit from mediation and collaborative law. The point of these posts was that there are often solutions available that, even if they acknowledge that a couple is likely not going to get along, can save the couple and their children, the heartache of an ugly and drawn-out court battle.

When it comes to child custody, one such solution is commonly referred to as parallel parenting. In a parallel parenting situation, the couple recognizes that they really are not going to be able to get along, even when it comes to issues related to their children. Therefore, they choose to live separate, parallel lives with respect to their children. So, when the kids are with dad, they know that dad is the one who is in charge and taking care of their needs. Likewise, when the kids are with mom, mom's rules apply.

College expenses are a good topic for collaborative law

In former days, parents and even their adult child could ask for a court order requiring a parent to contribute to the cost of the child's college education. With modern changes in Colorado law, however, these orders are going to become more unlikely.

Under the current laws, parents do not have a legal obligation to provide any money for a child's college education. However, the law still allows them to agree to do so. If they do so agree, then the promise to provide a college education can and will be enforced by Colorado's family law courts.

Valuing a pension is a complicated affair

Although they are getting rarer these days, many employees in the Denver area still get the benefit of a retirement pension from their employers. Depending on the terms, a pension can one of a person's most valuable assets.

Just to give one example, a career public school teacher who retires after 30 years of service could easily receive monthly payments from her pension that are equal to a lump sum of well over $1 million dollars. Other people in professions where pensions are still the norm, such is in the public sector, will receive at least as much.

Why should I consider a collaborative divorce?

Many people in the greater Denver area know that any divorce can be an emotionally draining and expensive process.

As this blog has discussed before, in an effort to reduce the stress and financial costs a divorce brings, many Colorado couples may find benefit in using the collaborative law process when trying to finalize their divorces.

Will a divorce affect my immigration status?

Among other services our firm offers, we help Colorado residents who are experiencing issues involving international family law.

Specifically, we are able to help immigrants as well as American citizens and permanent residents who are dealing with a divorce, legal separation or other issues that may involve the laws of more than one country. International family law may also be in play when a divorce could have an impact on one of the spouse's immigration status.

Putting a price on a doctor's practice can be tough

Many people in the greater Denver area recognize that being a doctor is a prestigious and potentially very lucrative career. Many if not most doctors get compensated quite well. Those in private practice also have the benefit of owning their own business and being able to sell that business for money when they are ready to retire.

Like other businesses, a Colorado doctor's practice is subject to division in the event of a high asset divorce or a separation. As such, it may be necessary to put a value on her share in the practice so a court can fairly divide it. Incidentally, it is always a good idea even for a happily married doctor to have some idea of how much her practice is worth.

Strategies to help you financially prepare for divorce

Financially preparing for divorce can seem daunting, especially if you are not already used to managing your family’s finances. However, this type of preparation can help you avoid making expensive mistakes during your divorce and can help you get ready to successfully manage your own finances after your divorce.

List assets and liabilities

What should be included in a parenting plan?

More and more these days, it seems parents in Colorado who are living in separate homes are seeing the benefits of creating detailed and well-thought parenting plans. Detailed parenting plans, after all, can create clear expectations between the parents and thus can foster both a smooth relationship between them as well as stability for their children. On the whole, a comprehensive parenting plan can ensure the best interests of the children involved and head off child custody disputes before they develop.

There are many items that parents can write in to an agreed parenting plan. On this point a lot of what should go in to a parenting plan really does depend on one's individual facts and circumstances. As such, most parents are well served by having help from a mediator or their own family law attorney in negotiating a parenting plan.

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