Jodie Foster's Sons Won't Find Out Paternity Until Age 21

Usually, when children are born, their biological mothers and fathers are immediately identified, and the parents' names are placed on a birth certificate. If one or both parents choose the procedure, DNA testing can also reveal a father's identity. However, for some parents, paternity issues are more complex. If gay couples choose to have children, for example, part of the child's genetic makeup has to come from somebody outside the relationship.

While some same-sex parents tell their children the identity of their surrogate mother or sperm donor, others choose to remain discrete, either permanently or until their children are older. Movie star Jodie Foster is one parent who plans to keep the paternity of her two sons a secret until they are 21 years old.

Nevertheless, people have speculated that Foster's sons' biological father was former Hollywood producer and influential gay rights activist Randy Stone. Stone, who died in February 2007, was a close friend of Foster's and was purportedly known as "Uncle Randy" by both of her sons. According to sources, Stone apparently never revealed, even to his mother, any involvement in the conception of either child. But he apparently did tell his mother that Foster had asked him to sign legal documents promising to keep the paternity of the boys confidential.

Foster, who came out as gay at the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 13, initially raised the two boys with her former girlfriend. When the couple split in 2008, they chose to continue co-parenting the boys. The two children are now 12 and 14.

Sometimes single parents can solve parental rights or paternity test issues by themselves, but quite a number do have to take their cases before a judge. Denver parents who have legal questions about matters of paternity would do well to consult with a family law attorney.

Source:, "Jodie Foster's paternity plans," Jan. 15, 2013

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