The 4 Basic Ways of Handling a Divorce

While we have reviewed each one of them from time to time, it might be helpful to have an overview of the four different ways that Colorado residents can resolve a divorce. For that matter, these methods can be used to resolve other family law issues, like child custody, legal separation and the like as well.

As a word of warning, not every way of resolving a divorce fits neatly into one of these four categories. More importantly, each method has its own advantages or disadvantages that depend heavily on the facts and circumstances of a specific case. Because of this, it is best to have an attorney help evaluate each option carefully.

In some very rare cases, it may be possible for a couple to simply agree on everything between themselves and file paperwork with the judge. However, any complication, like the fact a couple has been married a long time or has children, can effectively rule this option out. Family law matters of any complexity are generally best handled with an attorney's help.

Our blog has discussed both collaborative law and mediation in previous posts. While they are in many cases wonderful ways to resolve a family law issue with relatively little cost, time and stress, they are not appropriate for every case.

In particular, it is important to remember that the point of mediation and collaborative law is to reach an agreement quickly, and sometimes that can wind up being a short-term gain but a long-term loss.

Finally, couples can choose to engage in traditional litigation, which can mean ultimately letting a judge decide important issues. However, litigation usually does not end in the courtroom but through some sort of negotiation, the big difference in the negotiation that each side is exclusively looking out of his or her own interest.

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