Divorce of Real Estate Moguls Serves as Useful Reminder

The divorce of two giants in the world of commercial real estate recently became public knowledge. The couple's marriage lasted for over 10 years. Both of the parties in this high-profile couple held millions in commercial and investment real estate and had been involved in a number of major real estate transactions.

The couple's divorce is uncontested. This means that they have apparently worked out whatever differences they had regarding property division, child custody, and other matters without having to go to court.

It was not clear whether the couple had a prenuptial agreement, and it was also not clear to what extent the couple had to go to negotiate their financial differences before finalizing their high asset divorce.

Although this couple primarily conducted their business dealings in another state, their split still illustrates some important points for high-profile couples in the Denver area, and particularly for those who are involved in real estate investments either downtown or in one of Northern Colorado's hot commercial developments.

For one, the couple's negotiation means that many of their finances will not get aired out in a courtroom proceeding. When a person is involved in complicated and sensitive real estate work, relative privacy may be another reason for him or her to push for collaborative law or divorce mediation in lieu of the more traditional litigation.

Still, though, anyone who has significant investments in real estate is going to face complicated valuation and other issues during a divorce or separation. Having the assistance of an experienced family law attorney who knows how to handle high asset and high-profile cases could prove to be invaluable.

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