Helping Your Kids After a Divorce Announcement

A divorce is usually an emotional roller coaster for parents, but it can be equally traumatic for kids. The parents they know and love are now splitting up. The world they once knew is changing. As a dedicated parent, you should guide and support your kids through this difficult transition.

A divorce announcement usually leaves an indelible impression on children, so you need to handle it with sensitivity and compassion. You can explain to them that they will have a family, but it will be a different kind of family now. In addition, you and your ex-spouse should pledge “to be there” for the kids during every step of the journey.

A positive and supportive approach

You and your ex-spouse should come together during this arduous time. You also should be prepared to listen and validate your kids’ feelings and concerns after you make the announcement.

  • Open expression of feelings: They need to know it’s safe for them to share their thoughts and feelings. Your kids should be encouraged to express fear, loss or sadness because it will allow them to properly cope.

  • Validate their feelings: You can confirm their emotions and tell them it’s okay to feel sadness. Your kids should not bottle up their feelings. If they do, it will often lead to emotional problems down the road.

  • Offer support: You should make it clear that you’re going to be available to help your kids with their feelings and emotions. This way your kids know they can come to you, get the needed support and effectively deal with their issues.

You should draw on your reserves of strength and take care of your kids’ emotional needs. While it may be difficult, you should refer to your ex with respect and dignity because it will demonstrate your character and help your kids. With the right approach, you and your kids will get through this emotionally trying time.