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The different types of child custody

Most people have heard of differing types of child custody being awarded. As a matter of fact, some parties choose to throw words such as "sole custody" and "joint custody" around as threats to an ex-spouse. But, do you really know what they mean in a legal sense? Parents in the middle of a nasty divorce or child custody battle often operate with emotions running high. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to reasonably determine which type of custody will be in the best interests of the children. Here, we define several options.

The custody battle from a child's perspective

Think about how many memories you have from your childhood, whether good or bad, that have an effect on you now as an adult. It is amazing how the smallest, most seemingly minute words or happenings turn out to be what shapes us. The little things that "stick". Now think about how you would feel if looking back at those memories, you remembered the hate fueled words your parents screamed as they argued over which you would live with. Or the ways in which they used you as a pawn to hurt one another, constantly trying to make you feel their bitterness toward the other. Those memories wouldn't be so great to reminisce on.

CFIs, PREs and allocation of parental responsibilities

The abbreviations CFI and PRE are terms commonly used by courts in Colorado proceedings involving the allocation of parental responsibilities. Moms and dads in the greater Denver area who have had to go through a child custody or parenting time dispute may realize that these titles refer to two slightly different types of professionals that Colorado courts rely on.

Parallel parenting plan can help in high conflict cases

This blog has on previous occasions discussed how even in high conflict situations, divorcing or separating couples in Centennial and the other communities in and around Denver can benefit from mediation and collaborative law. The point of these posts was that there are often solutions available that, even if they acknowledge that a couple is likely not going to get along, can save the couple and their children, the heartache of an ugly and drawn-out court battle.

What should be included in a parenting plan?

More and more these days, it seems parents in Colorado who are living in separate homes are seeing the benefits of creating detailed and well-thought parenting plans. Detailed parenting plans, after all, can create clear expectations between the parents and thus can foster both a smooth relationship between them as well as stability for their children. On the whole, a comprehensive parenting plan can ensure the best interests of the children involved and head off child custody disputes before they develop.

Relocation with a child may be allowed in certain circumstances

It is not unusual for a person in Colorado to move to a new home. Sometimes a person gets a new job in another city. Other times a person might want to move to an area with a lower cost of living, a better commute or to be closer to family. However, if a person is a parent, is no longer in a relationship with their child's other parent and wants to move with the child, the current parenting plan will have to be modified if appropriate.

Effective parenting plans can be key to co-parenting post-divorce

When parents in Colorado divorce, it can be a difficult time not just for them but for their children as well. Sometimes parents will decide that, despite the fact that their marriage has become untenable, they still want to raise their child together in an optimal environment. Therefore, they may choose to develop a parenting plan that allows them to co-parent their children post-divorce. However, there are certain things parents who wish to pursue co-parenting should keep in mind so that the arrangement is successful.

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