Parallel Parenting Plan Can Help in High Conflict Cases

This blog has on previous occasions discussed how even in high conflict situations, divorcing or separating couples in Centennial and the other communities in and around Denver can benefit from mediation and collaborative law. The point of these posts was that there are often solutions available that, even if they acknowledge that a couple is likely not going to get along, can save the couple and their children, the heartache of an ugly and drawn-out court battle.

When it comes to child custody, one such solution is commonly referred to as parallel parenting. In a parallel parenting situation, the couple recognizes that they really are not going to be able to get along, even when it comes to issues related to their children. Therefore, they choose to live separate, parallel lives with respect to their children. So, when the kids are with dad, they know that dad is the one who is in charge and taking care of their needs. Likewise, when the kids are with mom, mom's rules apply.

An effective parallel parenting plan can reduce conflict since both parents know in detail what their rights and responsibilities are and are committed to following through on them. In order to be effective, a parallel parenting plan has to specify even down to minute details how each parent will be involved with their children.

Given that the goal is for the parents not to have to deal with each other, a parallel parenting plan cannot leave much for parents to just work out when the issue comes up. Moreover, the plan also must set up a means by which the parents can communicate professionally, as they inevitably will have to do so at some point.

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