Consider a Prenuptial Agreement Before Walking Down the Aisle

When couples make the decision to get married, they face a daunting set of decisions. Where should the ceremony be? Who should be invited? What dish should be served at the reception? In all the excitement leading up to the big day, however, couples too often neglect to address a key area that will affect their lives for years to come: their financial health and responsibilities. Though many are loathe to consider them, prenuptial agreements can play an important role in helping couples prepare for the future.

A Necessary Conversation

Many couples fail to discuss prenuptial agreements because they fear the subject may cause undue strife: if you love me so much, why are you so interested in my money? Are you not planning on being with me the rest of our lives? Am I nothing but a number to you?

Couples should understand, however, that discussing and preparing a prenuptial agreement - particularly in light of high divorce rates and later marriages where both parties have substantial individual assets - is simply a part of intelligent financial planning for the future. In fact, discussions about prenuptial agreements can help strengthen a relationship because they force couples to talk in detail about financial matters, which are one of the most common causes of marital trouble. Having frank, compassionate conversations about money matters can help ease underlying concerns and allow couples to focus on other aspects of their relationships.

Prenuptial Agreements Are Important for Everyone

Many couples believe that they do not need a prenuptial agreement because they do not have any substantial financial assets. Although prenups are important for wealthy couples and those with a marked disequilibrium of income, it is not the case that only the well off should consider them. For example, a prenuptial agreement can play a key role in financial planning for couples with children from previous relationships.

Overall, prenuptial agreements do not destroy the romance of relationships, but rather help provide the stability, honesty and financial clarity that relationships need to thrive.

Contact a Family Law Attorney

If you are getting married and would like to know more about prenuptial agreements, contact an experienced family law attorney. A knowledgeable family law lawyer can assess your case and advise you of your options. For more information about whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you, contact an attorney today.