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A divorce is considered to be uncontested or amicable when both spouses can come to a fair and equitable agreement on all matters including the division of assets and debts, child custody, parenting time, child support, and spousal support. Some couples will file their Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or their Petition for Legal Separation as co-petitioners rather than start out in an adverse position. When children are involved, an uncontested divorce is generally more favorable for their sense of security in an otherwise frightening world regarding the split of their immediate family.

At Frost & Beck, PC, we can help you and your partner efficiently navigate the divorce proceedings so you can both move on with your lives as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our Denver uncontested or amicable divorce attorneys have been handling such matters throughout Colorado for decades, and we possess the knowledge and experience to help your divorce run as smoothly as possible while also being mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

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The Benefits of Uncontested Divorce

When a married couple who has decided to separate is on relatively good terms and both agree to end the relationship, uncounted divorce is probably the best option. In an uncontested divorce, important decisions regarding the dissolution of the marriage are made outside of the courtroom by the divorcing couple with the guidance of their individual lawyers instead of a judge who knows nothing about the dynamics of the family.

Typically, each party retains their own attorney and works out the settlement of all issues through the mediation process. Having their attorney present at mediation to assist each party gives assurances that the agreement they are entering into is a fair one for the family and one that the court will approve.

An uncontested divorce is far less costly and can be completed much quicker than a contested divorce. In Colorado, an uncontested divorce between co-petitioners can be completed as quickly as 91 days from the date of filing the petition.

Do I Qualify for Uncontested or Amiable Divorce?

In an uncontested divorce, couples are generally amicable with each other, understand that a divorce or legal separation is best for them both, and will strive to make certain that they treat each other with respect and honesty.

To qualify for an uncontested or amicable divorce in the state of Colorado, you and your spouse must meet the following requirements:

  • You and your spouse must both agree to the divorce.
  • You must be able to prove that you or your spouse are Colorado residents, meaning that you have both resided in the state for a minimum of 90 days.
  • You must not possess any shared marital property or be able to demonstrate a fair and full division of assets through a signed and legally binding separation agreement.
  • You and your spouse don’t have children nor is anyone pregnant. If you and your partner do share children, you must both agree to formalized child custody terms, including visitation and child support for all minor children.

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