We Can Help When a Family Law Trial Goes Wrong

There are occasions when a resident of the Denver area will have to take a divorce or another family law matter in front of a judge. Often, the decision these judges make will have a huge impact on the lives of parents, as they can pertain to things like child custody and visitation.

Even matters related to property and money can be very important, as a judge's decisions on these matters can be the difference between relative security and financial hardship.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, sometimes a decision just does not go the way a person hoped. In these sorts of situations, our law office can assist by helping the person evaluate whether they have grounds for an appeal and, if they do, pursuing that option.

While not every decision can be successfully appealed, residents of Colorado can expect that their family law judges will apply the law correctly and, when a judge does have some leeway to make a decision, that he or she will use that leeway within the bounds of the law. When they do not, a person may ask the Colorado Court of Appeals to review the matter to see if a new trial or other corrections are warranted.

Appeals take a lot of knowledge and skill to handle effectively. For one, there are strict deadlines and other rules that apply to the handling of appeals. Violating these rules can in some cases mean a person loses the option to appeal. Moreover, a good appeal will require a careful review of the testimony and other evidence from the trial, as well as thorough legal research and persuasive writing.

Our law office has experience with handling appeals and has had successful results several times in the past. We can assist those who are on the receiving end of an unfavorable family law decision with pursuing their options.

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