Why to Seek Legal Assistance in a High-Asset Divorce

Couples going through a wealthy divorce in Colorado may face issues that other divorcing couples do not. For example, property division becomes more complex when a couple has significantly valuable assets, such as real estate, investments, or a business. It may be necessary to have their assets professionally valued, especially if one party does not have much -- if any -- knowledge of the extent of their marital estate. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to employ forensic experts in a high-asset divorce, particularly if one spouse is trying to hide assets from the other spouse.

Also, spousal maintenance often becomes a sticking point in a high-asset divorce. This is because both parties may be accustomed to living a more lavish lifestyle. While there is no guarantee that maintenance will be awarded to one party or the other, if it is awarded, the award may not be permanent. The party receiving maintenance may be expected to eventually get a job that allows them to support themselves. Also, there may be prenuptial agreements or postnuptial agreements in place that address a spouse's right to maintenance should they divorce.

In the end, it is important that the result of a high-asset divorce is fair to both parties. Sometimes in an acrimonious divorce each spouse wants to be the "winner." However, oftentimes it is preferable for the parties to work with an attorney to try to negotiate a settlement out-of-court that meets everyone's needs. Mediation or collaborative law may help couples sort through their divorce legal issues in a productive manner.

Of course, whether a high-asset divorce is mediated or litigated, it is important that each party understands their rights and options. At our law firm, we work with other professionals to obtain an accurate value of our client's estate. We believe it is important that our clients receive appropriate compensation when it comes to property division. We understand that the stakes are high in a high-asset divorce, and therefore work to diligently represent our clients both in and out of court. Our high-asset divorce webpage may be a good jumping-off point for those who are interested in learning more about this topic.

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