Will Split Custody Be Harmful for My Young Child?

When dealing with all of the aspects of your Denver divorce, one of the most important things will be how you and your ex co-parent your child. Babies and toddlers need a lot of attention and you may worry about your child’s emotional well-being if he or she is forced to divide time between two households. A new study has found that kids who spent equal time with both parents after a divorce had positive outcomes, according to Live Science.

Traditional thinking posited that infants and small children were better off spending more time with their mothers. While there is no doubt that the mother-child bond is special, researchers have found young kids benefitted from spending equal time with their fathers. In fact, kids reportedly had better relationships with their parents as adults when they spent equal overnight time with both parents as young children.

A situation where you and your ex both split parenting can also have benefits for both parties. If you are a woman, the stress of being a single mother with a young child can be overwhelming. By the father sharing some of the overnight parenting responsibility, it can take some pressure off the mother.

If you are the child’s father, caring for him or her overnight on a regular basis can strengthen the bond between you and help ensure a better relationship down the road. There is no better way to learn parenting skills and get to know your child than caring for them through every part of the day and night. Therefore, you can rest assured that split custody will do no harm to your child and may even help foster a good relationship with both parents later in life.

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