Certain Financial Moves May Foreshadow Divorce

There are usually several reasons why couples in Denver ending up getting divorced. Most marriages do not fall apart because of one particular issue. However, knowing that a spouse intends to file for divorce is not always easy. Here are some financial signs to look out for that may indicate a person is looking to move on.

In many relationships, one person has control over the couple’s finances. When a divorce occurs, the person who is not in the know can be left scrambling to understand the financial situation. As Barron’s points out, if the person without control over the money in the relationship suddenly takes an interest in learning about bank accounts and other assets, it may signal that he or she is preparing for a divorce.

In addition, a spouse planning a divorce may open new accounts separate and apart from the ones the couple holds together. Paperwork from new banks or for accounts that are unfamiliar may be a warning sign that one of the parties is keeping money separate from his or her spouse.

Finally, according to Entrepreneur, rather than open new bank accounts with paper trails, some people may instead pour their money into expensive purchases. Things like this may go overlooked in a divorce since most of the focus is usually placed on savings and investment accounts. After the marital property is divided, the items can be sold and the person can wind up with a nice chunk of change for themselves. Therefore, costly items that appear without warning may be an indication that one partner is prepping for a split.

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