Tickets to World Series Cause Divorce Drama for One Couple

When couples divorce in Colorado, it can often be difficult for both parties to agree on how to divide up their assets. While sometimes such matters can be worked out through negotiation or mediation, the parties may end up in front of a judge if an agreement cannot be reached.

One high price item that some couples have is tickets to sporting events. Tickets to this year’s World Series, in particular, were in high demand, given the fact that it had been 71 years since the Chicago Cubs had made it to this event. People have paid at least $2,500 for a standing-room ticket while seated tickets were going for thousands of dollars. One judge was asked to make the decision in a divorce case concerning the ownership of a pair of tickets to Game 4. The tickets, which had been obtained before the divorce started, had been purchased by the husband.

The judge ultimately ruled that the wife, who filed an emergency petition over the dispute should receive a third comparable ticket from the husband. The husband could take the couple’s son with the original tickets in question. It is not known whether or not the husband followed through with that order or whether the wife actually attended the game.

Matters involving the division of property are usually best settled agreeably amongst the parties; however, when that is not possible, it comes to the courts to decide on an equitable solution. People dealing with property division issues during the divorce may wish to consult with an experienced lawyer.

Source: The Washington Post, “ Divorcing couple go to court over Cubs Series tickets,” Michael Tarm, Oct. 28, 2016

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