How Should I Approach My Partner About Signing a Prenup?

No matter how long you have been together, having a conversation about finances with your partners can be hard. While having a prenuptial agreement in place can provide many benefits for both of your financial futures, there is a stigma attached to prenups that makes many people nervous about approaching the subject with their partners. According to the Huffington Post, how you approach the topic can make all the difference and there are some strategies you can use to make the conversation go smoother.

At the outset, you should try to put your partner at ease by letting him or her know that even though you may be the one asking for a prenup, it will actually benefit you both by putting you in control. In the event that the marriage ends in a divorce, leaving the division of your assets up to the court can be risky and may result in an outcome that neither of you are happy with.

In addition, honesty is the basis for many successful relationships and that can be true when it comes to money as well. Share your reasons for why you think a prenup is a good idea and let your partner know what worries you have should you be faced with a split. By talking out potential scenarios ahead of time, you may even end up feeling more secure in your relationship.

Finally, as they say, timing is everything. Getting engaged and planning a wedding is an incredibly stressful and busy time for most people. If your intention is to have a calm rational discussion with your partner about a prenup, avoid doing it when things are very hectic or you are feeling too emotional. Many couples discuss other financial issues such as joint bank accounts and outstanding debts prior to the wedding, so that may provide you with a jumping off point for steering the conversation toward your desire for a prenup.

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