How Can I Prepare for My Divorce Mediation?

Attending your first divorce mediation session may seem scary, especially when you are unsure of what to anticipate. However, if you take the time to prepare you may find that things go smoother than you expect.

It is important to keep in mind that a mediation session is not a court battle and its purpose is to negotiate a fair settlement that both parties can live with. Therefore, keeping your emotions in check may be difficult but you will get the most out of the mediation if you remain calm and are thinking clearly according to the Huffington Post.

If there are specific topics that are especially important to you, such as items you would like to keep or which holidays you get to spend with your children, you may want to write them down. Even if something seems trivial, this is the time to address it as deciding things in advance can go a long way toward preventing conflict in the future. In addition, if there is a topic that you are uncomfortable discussing with everyone in the room you are allowed to request to speak to the mediator privately.

Finally, much of the discussion at the mediation will involve your finances and what they will look like going forward. Having a clear budget in mind that contains all of your anticipated expenses will keep you organized and ensure that you take all of your costs into consideration while you are negotiating. It may be wise to bring as much financial documentation regarding your assets and debts as possible with you to the mediation. These can include bank statements, mortgage documents, and car loans. Presenting the mediator with a clear picture of your financial situation will help him or her in presenting as equitable a settlement as possible.

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