Put Together a Workable Parenting Plan

In Colorado, child custody decisions are made with the best interest of the child kept at the forefront. Whether you are in a marriage that is breaking up or you are separating from the child's other parent, there are numerous factors that are taken into consideration to determine the best intentions for the child.

Some of the factors that the courts look at are the parents' wishes about parenting, each parent's life, and work situation, and each parent's willingness to work with the other to assure a healthy outcome for the child. The result is a parenting plan that is submitted to the court and becomes a legal and working document.

One way to ensure a workable plan is to focus on the details that address the specifics of a child's life but incorporate flexibility at the same time. Our attorneys may work with you to help ensure that a thorough parenting plan is put in place. They may also help to arrive at a plan that is resilient enough to be modified as the child matures and if the life situations of the parents change.

Frost & Beck, PC is a family law firm that offers child custody legal services to clients in Colorado. We strive to offer cost-effective counsel to families going through transitions. If you are going through a divorce or separation that includes the need to resolve child custody, support, visitation, and other dependent issues, we encourage you to view our child custody webpage for more information.

Source: Frost & Beck PC, "Denver Child Custody Attorneys", August 28, 2014

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