Posthumous Paternity Dispute Comes to a Standstill

In Colorado, suing for paternity can help resolve a number of family law issues. When a mother is looking to collect child from a reluctant father, she can file a claim to determine paternity. This could lead to DNA testing, which could prove the man is the father and, thus, make him responsible for making child support payments.

Although child support disputes are one reason why a parent might sue to determine paternity, there are other reasons why a person might take a claim to family court. Determining paternity has become the subject of one case that taken some time to resolve. Although this story didn't originate in our state, it may prove to be informative for parents in the Littleton area.

In 2012, a man was killed in an on-the-job accident at a brewery. Less than a year after the man died, a woman came forward saying that he fathered her newborn child. According to the woman, she lived with the man before his death, obtained a marriage license with him, and was on his health insurance plan. Ultimately, determining paternity could play a role in the administration of the man's estate.

Despite the woman's claims of paternity, the deceased man's sister is pushing back. The sister denies most of what the child's mother says, saying that her brother never specifically acknowledged paternity. Interestingly enough, the sister isn't objecting to a DNA test conducted using blood that was preserved by the medical examiner.

As for now, this case has essentially "stalled" in court. For many parents looking to prove paternity, time can be a critical factor. Raising a child without financial support from his or her other parent can prove to be financially challenging. This is why it may be helpful to see what legal options exist when it comes to proving paternity. A thoughtful claim can help give parents and children access to the financial resources necessary to thrive.

Source:, "Blood sample saved for stalled paternity suit," Elizabeth Dinan, April 23, 2013

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