Paternity Suit Involving Jordan Was Not a Slam Dunk

When Colorado parents have trouble obtaining visitation rights or court-ordered child support payments, state family law provides helpful options. One of the most frequently used legal tools in such cases is a paternity claim. By clearly establishing fatherhood, a custodial parent can receive financial support or a father may be able to spend time with his kid.

Recently, world-famous basketball player Michael Jordan became the subject of a paternity suit. According to the woman who filed the suit, Jordan is the biological father of her 16-year-old -- a claim the athlete roundly denied.

Most recently, the woman retracted her paternity suit, but she isn't changing her story. This decision may be the result of Jordan's attorney pointing out that the woman's ex-husband was certified in court as her son's father. Furthermore, the woman's attorney pointed out that the woman still reserves the right to re-file the paternity suit at a later time.

When properly utilized, filing a claim for paternity can be an effective way for custodial parents struggling to make ends meet. Having scientific evidence in hand can clear up any disputes in a very definite way. Reports indicate that the woman, in this case, has had trouble receiving child support from her ex-husband. In this case, it may be best to explore what other options are available to provide support to the teenager.

At the same time, it's also important for men on the receiving end of a paternity claim to understand their rights. In order for family law to provide the most benefit for those it's supposed to protect, legal claims must be handled sensitively and fairly.

Source: Denver Post, "Lawyer: Paternity suit against Jordan withdrawn," Jeff Martin, March 18, 2013

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