Coping with the divorce process in Colorado

When spouses decide to end their marriage, there are several strategies they can use to help themselves cope during this emotionally difficult time.

Although many people decide to end their marriage because it is best for themselves, their spouse and their children, this does not make the divorce process any easier emotionally. Although those who go through a divorce may struggle during this emotionally sensitive time, there are strategies that can help divorcees cope and get a head start on their new life.

Seek out a support network

Those who are in the midst of the divorce process should not try to go through it alone. Before, during and after the divorce is finalized, divorcees should seek out a support network that can help them cope. For example, those going through a divorce might find that sharing their feelings with friends or family members helps them feel better. Others might find that participating in a support group or seeking professional help is also helpful.

Make both mental and physical health a priority

Those who are going through a divorce should make sure they are taking care of themselves emotionally and physically. During the divorce process, divorcees should make time to eat well, exercise and relax. Divorcees should also try to stick to their normal routines and refrain from using drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Find a new hobby or explore old interests

As their divorce progresses, divorcees should take time to find interests and hobbies outside of their former spouse. Using this period as a time to redefine themselves, divorcees should take up hobbies that they stopped participating in before the got married or discover new interests they find appealing. For example, if a divorcee has always wanted to try oil painting or tennis, he or she should use this as a constructive hobby.

Accept different emotions

During the divorce process, it is normal to feel anxious, depressed, angry and sad, in addition to many other emotions. Although these feelings may be overpowering at times, divorcees should remember that it is okay to feel this way and that as time passes, they have the power to find happiness once again. Divorcees should also remember that for a period of time, it is acceptable to function at a less than optimal level as they get used to this major life change.

Since getting a divorce can be emotionally and physically trying, divorcees in Colorado may struggle to make decisions that will benefit them at present and in the future. During this emotionally-charged time, those going through a divorce should consult with an attorney who can ensure their best interests are preserved.