Mediation Can Work in a High Conflict Divorce

There are many people in the greater Denver area who may have heard about mediation in the context of a divorce or other family law matter, such as a child custody dispute, but who have been unwilling to consider it.

Among other reasons people pass over the mediation option, they may reason that the level of tension between themselves and the other side is just too high for negotiating through a mediator to have any effect.

After all, if the two are unable to agree on anything or even remain calm while discussing things, sitting down to hash out a family law problem in divorce mediation could easily prove to be a waste of time.

However, trained mediators have lots of techniques and resources in their arsenal that may make talking through a high conflict divorce a viable option. For instance, some mediators may try layering by, at least initially, letting the sides sit in different rooms without ever having to see each other. In some cases, modern technology can help a couple start the process of negotiating when doing so would otherwise be difficult.

Furthermore, a mediator will never force either side to agree to anything, so both parties should feel free to consider the matter without undue pressure.

Another important thing for Coloradans to remember is that they will ordinarily be allowed to have their attorneys with them, or at least available, during a mediation. In fact, this is sometimes necessary because the mediator, as a neutral party, must take great care not to give either party legal advice. Having an attorney can give both sides a more secure feeling that they are not being tricked or taken advantage of.

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