Will a Divorce Affect My Immigration Status?

Among other services our firm offers, we help Colorado residents who are experiencing issues involving international family law.

Specifically, we are able to help immigrants as well as American citizens and permanent residents who are dealing with a divorce, legal separation or other issues that may involve the laws of more than one country. International family law may also be in play when a divorce could have an impact on one of the spouse's immigration status.

Colorado residents should be aware that a divorce can adversely affect their immigration status. Basically, if a person's permission to remain in the United States depends on his relationship with his spouse, then he may have either to leave the country or take appropriate action under the country's immigration laws.

When taking the latter approach, for a favorable outcome, a person will need to be able to demonstrate that they married with the intention of living and maintain a household together but the marriage later fell apart.

While fundamentally this issue is one involving immigration law, from a family law perspective, there are some legal options a person can exercise in order to protect their status. In some cases, it may be prudent for an immigrant to consider pushing for a legal separation or other alternatives to an outright divorce.

There are other issues that may affect immigrant families going through a Colorado divorce as well. For instance, if an immigrant wishes to return to his or her home country after a divorce, it can complicate child support and child custody issues considerably.

When a divorce or related matter may raise questions about international family law, it is often wise for residents of the greater Denver area to seek out experienced legal counsel.

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