A Mother's Worries During Divorce

You're not quite sure how you got to this point, but ten years and two kids later, it looks like your marriage will end in divorce. As a split becomes more apparent, questions begin to build in the back of your mind. Who will get the kids? How will I pay the bills? Who gets to keep the house?

Until this point, you and your husband have lived a seemingly normal life together. He earned the larger portion of the household income while you worked part-time and focused on raising the kids. However, as happiness faded, your husband's feelings of resentment grew. Now you may feel trapped or manipulated due to your focus on the home and kids and not on your career. How do you handle this situation?

Your post-divorce concerns are natural, and you're not alone in experiencing these feelings through the process. While it is true that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, women are more economically vulnerable after divorce, the law attempts to mitigate that by focusing on equity between the spouses and the best interest of the children. What does this mean for mothers during a divorce?

Parenting time in Colorado

Having both parents present in a child's life is important, even after divorce. Therefore, most courts and attorneys seek to arrange parenting time as 50/50, but that is not always the case. If you have been involved in your children's lives as the primary caretaker during your marriage, it is possible that the court will grant you the same duties after divorce.

Factors that affect parenting time may include:

  • How children could be impacted by a move or change in schools.

  • A spouse's desire to move after divorce.

  • A child's wishes to spend time with one parent or another, depending on age.

  • Religious considerations.

  • A spouse's ability to care for the day-to-day lifestyle of the children such as taking them to doctor's appointments, daycare, and school events.

In conjunction with a parenting time agreement, child support will also come into play. While both parents are responsible for making financial contributions to the wellbeing of their children, each parent's resources will be considered in the arrangement.

Even as marriage fails, your role as the mother to your children is more important now than ever before. With the help of a family law attorney, women have the opportunity to voice their interests through divorce proceedings.

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