In What Ways Can Getting a Divorce Affect My Health?

Getting divorced in Colorado can upend your life in so many different ways. You may have a new address, a new routine, and a new outlook. While some thrive after a split, some people’s health may decline without them even realizing it. Here are some of the common ways that divorce can affect your health.

While splitting from a spouse may result in a broken heart, you may not realize that your heart is actually physically at risk as well. According to Prevention Magazine, middle-aged men and women who get divorced have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than those who do not. Women, in particular, seem to be vulnerable, possibly because of the stress involved in a breakup.

Some people also notice that they either gain weight or lose weight after a divorce. In both cases, stress and emotional strife usually result in a change in eating patterns. Stress can also affect things like your blood pressure and behaviors such as overeating, smoking and drinking can have negative consequences for your health.

Divorce has also been known to affect many people’s mental health. Feelings of failure can lead to depression. You may also find yourself feeling anxious, especially when dealing with new situations brought about as a result of the divorce. Many divorced people also report having trouble falling and staying asleep. All of these mental issues can often go hand in hand with the physical changes mentioned above. Therefore, staying on top of your health and being aware of what problems you are facing can help you to seek out help from the proper channels before too much damage is done.

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