New App Helps Parents With Scheduling Post-Divorce

Between soccer games, piano recitals, school plays, birthday parties and everything in between, parents in Colorado understand just how busy life with kids can be. Family life becomes even more complicated, however, if the child's parents divorce. After a divorce, in addition to the child's schooling and extra-curricular activities, parents will need to make arrangements for child custody exchanges, holidays, and other events laid out in their parenting plan. This can become very complicated, especially if the parents are not on good terms with one another after their divorce.

However, one new app, called Fayr, aims to make co-parenting easier for parents. Through the app, parents can use a calendar to schedule who will have the child and when. Both parents have access to the calendar 24/7, so they can check it and update it at any time. This helps clarify who has the kids and when. Not only does this make co-parenting easier, but it can provide some stability in everyone's lives.

This app may be especially useful for parents who are not on good speaking terms. By using this app, parents can co-parent without having to use text messages, email or a phone call. For some parents, being able to communicate through the app, rather than having to speak directly to their ex, is beneficial and allows them to focus on their child's needs.

Divorce can cause a lot of shake-ups in the daily lives of both the parents and the child. Parents need to be able to make arrangements that meet not just their needs, but also those of the child. Children need the love and support of both parents following a divorce, so any tool that can make communication easier post-divorce can also make co-parenting easier.

Source: CBS Miami, "Divorced Parents? Now There's An App For That," July 28, 2017

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