New Technologies Aim to Make Co-Parenting Easier

Making the transition from a nuclear family to two separate households can be difficult for some families in Colorado. In order to be successful co-parents, both people must be in constant communication regarding their kids’ activities, school obligations, and doctor appointments. That is why some families are turning to apps to help them manage their co-parenting responsibilities.

Shared technologies can be useful for many families, particularly when the parents do not always get along face to face, points out the Huffington Post. However, on the other hand, the technologies only work when both people use them effectively. If one person tries to exert control by withholding information, then utilizing shared technology to communicate may not be a good idea.

There are a variety of apps available to assist co-parents in coordinating family activities, according to Mashable. Some offer several different features while others may only have a solitary purpose. The ability to share contacts and addresses can come in handy, especially when it comes to things like doctor, dentist, and hair appointments. Many people also find it helpful to be able to easily send messages to each other and share things like pictures and shopping lists. Some apps may also allow users to track expenses.

Perhaps the most important feature when it comes to co-parenting is a shared calendar. Kids’ schedules nowadays can be jam-packed with things like soccer games, parties, and school events. By allowing both parents to remain constantly up to date on what is going on, it allows everyone’s lives to operate more smoothly. Plus, older children with their own phones can get in on the action as well and help make sure the calendar remains updated.

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