Non-Custodial Mothers Face Harsh Stigma

When a couple with children in Denver divorces, family courts often try to arrive at a custody arrangement that keeps both parents involved with their kids as much as possible. Sometimes, the best situation for everyone is for one parent to have custody of the children while the other parent gets visitation.

However, when most people imagine that situation, they likely assume that the mother is the one with custody while the father is the one who gets visitation. However, for many families, the exact opposite is true. In fact, according to ABC News, there are approximately 2.4 million non-custodial mothers in the United States.

While those millions of families have found a situation that works for them, unfortunately, society is not necessarily understanding and many non-custodial mothers find themselves facing harsh criticism from friends and strangers alike. The assumption many people make, according to The Huffington Post, is that a mother who does not have custody of her own children must be selfish or irresponsible or struggle with addiction. However, many of these mothers simply feel that they were doing what was best for their children. If the children prefer to live with their father or their father is remarried and has a more stable living environment, the children are better off, they argue.

Fathers who do not retain custody are not judged nearly as harshly. In fact, some are even praised for remaining part of their kids’ lives at all. This double standard persists, likely because most people have grown up thinking that children should remain with their mothers. Many non-custodial mothers would disagree, citing the fact that their relationships with their children are stronger because of their custody situation, not despite it.

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