Is an Amicable Divorce Really Possible?

If you and your spouse are planning a divorce, there is obviously some kind of conflict or incompatibility that exists between you. For many Colorado couples, those issues come to a head during the divorce process and create a lot of unnecessary tension. Turning every issue into a battle can be exhausting, both emotionally and financially. At Frost & Beck, P.C., we understand that a lot of drama surrounding your divorce may be the last thing you need. Therefore, our experience has taught us that yes, having an amicable divorce really is possible.

In an uncontested divorce, both you and your spouse would each still be represented by a lawyer. However, rather than duking it out in a courtroom and letting a judge decide who gets what, the two of you work together through the mediation process to come up with a fair and equitable way to distribute your marital property. The mediation process can be particularly helpful if you have children, as issues such as custody and parenting plans can be agreed upon outside of a courtroom setting. This helps to make sure that both you and your spouse remain on the same parenting page.

Not only is an amicable divorce possible, but according to U.S. News & World Report, it might even benefit you financially. The average cost for a divorce handled through mediation is approximately $7,500. Compare that to the average litigated divorce, which can cost as much as $30,000, and you’re looking at substantial savings.

While this clearly may not be a scenario that works for everyone, collaborating with your spouse on the divorce can be both productive and rewarding. For more information on having a drama-free split, please visit our web page.

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