Are There Any Ways to Tell Whether My Marriage Will Last?

Like many people, you may wish that you had a crystal ball that would tell you whether or not your marriage will last for the long haul. While everyone enters marriage hoping that it will last forever, unfortunately sometimes that simply does not happen. However, according to Glamour, there may be certain factors that can help predict the likelihood that your marriage will be successful.

One indicator that may indicate longevity is the length of time you and your partner have been a couple. After the first couple of years go by and the honeymoon phase comes to an end, some people find that their spouse’s day-to-day habits drive them crazy and that perhaps they are not as compatible as he or she first thought. Therefore, the longer you and your spouse have been together and lived together, the stronger your union most likely is because you’ve adapted to each other.

In addition, it’s no secret that money causes problems in many relationships. Therefore, if you and your spouse earn very different levels of income or both of you fall on the lower end of the pay spectrum, you may experience more marital strife than other couples and this can lead to divorce. Also, one study found that couples who spend more money on their wedding and their engagement ring have a greater chance of ending up divorced. In fact, if you or your spouse spent more than $20,000 on an engagement ring, your marriage is three and a half times more likely to fall apart compared to a couple who spent less than $10,000.

Finally, the difference between your age and that of your spouse can play a role in how successful your marriage is. While a man marrying a woman younger than him has been commonplace throughout history, it is becoming increasingly common for women to marry men who are younger. However, if you are a woman you are 53 percent more likely to get divorced if your husband is three or more years younger than you are.

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