Some Occupations May Increase Risk of Divorce

Colorado couples may think about many factors when they consider whether or not their marriage will be successful. However, most people probably do not think about whether their job or their spouse’s job could play a role. This may be a mistake as it does appear that certain professions lead to a couple splitting up more than others, according to USA Today.

Not surprisingly, people who have jobs that come with a great deal of pressure and stress often have relationships that fail. These can include people whose work puts them in peril on a regular basis, such as military personnel and law enforcement officers, as well as people with long hours such as business executives. Another industry with irregular hours is the restaurant business. Bartenders and waiters often work well into the night, which can be hard when you are in a relationship. Perhaps this is why bartenders in particular have the second-highest rate of divorce of all professions.

The highest rate, believe it or not, belongs to casino workers. However, when one considers that casinos pretty much never shut down and have an atmosphere that encourages visitors to party, maybe that is not so surprising. Also making the list are artists, performers, and athletes, as well as massage therapists.

Finally, pretty much anyone in a relationship who has a low paying job or does not have an education is likely to experience marital problems according to LIVESTRONG. Since money is often a topic that causes couples to fight, spouses who do not make a lot of income are therefore more likely to end up getting divorced.

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