Husband’s Employment Status May Increase Risk of Divorce

A recent study took a look at how a husband’s employment status plays a role in a marriage. The results found that husbands who do not have a full-time job are more likely to get divorced. In fact, according to Bloomberg, a marriage is one-third more likely to end in a split if the husband is not employed. Despite the fact that money problems often result in marital strife, financial stress does not appear to be the large culprit in causing divorces.

1975 appears to be an important year when it comes to how marriages between men and women have changed. Prior to that year, whether or not the husband was employed did not have any bearing on whether the couple would remain together. The connection between divorce and a husband’s job loss rose drastically after 1975. In addition, while the amount of housework each spouse did appear to play a role in whether couples divorced prior to 1975, there has been so much correlation since.

The study only looked at heterosexual couples in the United States. It examined the marriages of 6,300 couples over a 46-year time span. The study did not say whether men who are staying at home dads also had an increased risk of divorce.

While the study did not state why an unemployed husband led to a greater chance of divorce, experts speculate that it has something to the man’s self-esteem, according to TODAY. Since men were historically breadwinners for their families, being removed from that role could result in depression and a lack of confidence which, in turn, could have a negative impact on the man’s relationship with his wife.

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