Research Pinpoints the Number One Predictor of Divorce

While many different factors play a role in why two people ultimately file for divorce in Colorado, a recent study has identified the number one predictor of divorce. According to Yahoo, the biggest factor that predicts divorce is contempt.

Even perfectly compatible couples get annoyed with each other once in a while. But couples who are unable to resolve these differences and communicate in a healthy manner often end up angry and resentful, and it is those feelings that lead to contempt for one's partner. Signs of contempt can include rolling one's eyes, sneering in disgust, and making passive-aggressive or backhanded comments.

Business Insider reports that the study also identified three other behaviors that can predict divorce. The first is criticism, specifically when one person turns something his or her partner did into a statement about their character. The second is defensiveness, which can happen when one person turns themselves into the victim when tough situations arise. A person failing to take responsibility for their role in a difficult situation often only makes the situation worse. The last factor which can predict divorce is called stonewalling. Stonewalling means basically shutting down a conversation before it begins in order to avoid a conflict or argument.

However, just because someone feels contempt or frustration toward their partner occasionally, it does not necessarily mean that they are destined to divorce. In fact, feeling fired up about an issue can be a sign that the partners still care for each other. It is when open dialog stops and spouses grow emotionally distant that serious problems arise.

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