Should You Change Your Parenting Plan as Your Children Get Older?

Like many families in Denver, your life is bound to be busy and hectic, especially as your children grow older and become more involved in extracurricular and social activities. These changes may present challenges to your current parenting plan. It may come as a relief to know that your joint custody arrangements aren’t necessarily set in stone. When should you consider changing your parenting plan to suit the best interests of the child?

According to, shared custody works best if you and your ex-spouse are able to compromise and come to agreements with each other on your visitation schedules. When your children get older, you may want to reconsider your parenting plans. This may be especially effective in the following situations:

  • Your children have numerous after-school obligations, including sports, study sessions, and club activities.

  • You or your spouse’s work schedule interferes with being able to take your children to their functions.

  • Either your home or your ex-spouse’s home may be closer to the school and extracurricular activities, thereby making transportation easier for the kids.

It is understandable that it may be difficult to come to an agreement with your ex on changing your current visitation schedule, especially if emotions are still strong after the divorce. It may help if you and your ex-spouse take your children’s needs into consideration. They also need to feel like their opinions are important and valued. Changing a parenting arrangement is not always easy, but it may help when both parents approach the matter with sensitivity and openness.

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