Understanding When a Marriage May Be Over

Before agreeing on divorce, many couples in Denver try to do all they can to save the marriage. Unfortunately, not all relationships can be saved, even with the best marriage counseling. There may come a time when one or both spouses must ask themselves if the marriage is worth staying in, or if a divorce is the better option. Family law issues such as this can be heartbreaking and complicated, especially when issues such as property division and child custody come into play.

How does a person know if the marriage isn’t going to work out? There is no magic formula to predict the end of a marriage, but there are some signs to watch out for that may signal the impending end of a relationship. According to Family Education, some of the signs of a marriage in trouble include the following:

  • No longer sharing the same goals or ethical and moral values

  • Not being able to compromise on issues

  • Having lost respect or admiration for the other person

  • No longer having any physical or sexual attraction

  • Past fights or hurtful words constantly being brought up again

  • Arguments arising out of any situation, even trivial matters

While these points may show that a marriage might be ending, it does not necessarily mean it’s guaranteed to happen. It can help to know what signs to look for, for those who wonder if it’s time to move on. It may also help to seek marriage counseling before calling it quits; however, a relationship expert stated in the Huffington Post that the success rate for marriage counseling is low when marriages are already miserable.

The end of a marriage can be difficult to accept. A family law attorney may be able to help during this period in dispute matters and other issues regarding divorce.

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