Serving Notice of Divorce on Facebook

Those who live in Colorado may spend a lot of their time on Facebook to stay connected to others. In recent years, it has become a tool that some people have used to serve divorce papers to their spouses. However, serving papers through the site is generally considered to be the last resort for those who cannot provide service through traditional means.

In two recent cases where judges allowed a spouse to serve notice through Facebook, the request was only approved after the other spouses could not be found by any other means. The only way to contact them was to send a message through Facebook accounts that they checked on a regular basis. Whether or not this can be done also depends on where the divorce is taking place.

While judges in New York have agreed to let spouses serve divorce papers through social media, each state is allowed to make its own rules as it relates to the issue. In some instances, state laws don't allow judges the leeway to make decisions on a request to serve divorce papers through social media sites. Those who have studied the issue say that as social media becomes more embedded into society, it is only a matter of time before such cases become more common.

If an individual wishes to end a marriage, it may be worthwhile to contact a family law attorney. An attorney may be able to help locate the other spouse in an effort to serve formal divorce papers. He or she may also represent an individual during the settlement process, which may help a person resolve property division or child custody issues in a timely manner. Such issues may be resolved either in court or through informal settlement talks.

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