Legal Help Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement

If you are getting married soon, our attorneys at Frost & Beck PC may be able to help you and your future spouse to draft a legal prenuptial agreement. As more people are getting married later in life, many fiancés are now opting to protect the assets that they have accumulated over their lifetime. In addition to safeguarding finances from the possibility of divorce, a prenuptial agreement can be used as a form of estate planning.

Prenuptial agreements must be in compliance with the Colorado Marital Agreement Act in order to be enforceable. While drafting an agreement, it is essential that each party works with an attorney who has extensive knowledge of estate planning and family law. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about prenuptial agreements, and we are prepared to help you draft a strong legal document that will stand up in court when and if it is needed.

The enforceability of a prenuptial agreement will depend on whether both parties entered into the agreement voluntarily and fully disclosed all of their finances. Failure to ensure that either of those requirements has been met may result in a prenuptial agreement that is not legally binding.

Before a prenuptial agreement is signed, it is important for both parties to be given a sufficient amount of time to consider all aspects of the agreement. During this process, an individual may also want to update his or her will to reflect the financial agreements that are outlined in the prenuptial agreement. Our lawyers in Denver and Boulder may be able to help you and your future spouse to create a binding legal document before your marriage. You are invited to visit our page on prenuptial agreements to learn more.

Source: Frost & Beck PC, "Denver Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys", November 06, 2014

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