Tips for Ending a Marriage in the Age of Social Media

When a Colorado couple ends their marriage, they will need to remember that technology has changed several aspects of dealing with an ex-partner. In the past, a disgruntled spouse might have called a friend or two to vent about their frustration during a divorce. Now, they might post a comment on social media about the unfair treatment they are suffering. What was previously a private comment to one or two people could now be seen in public by hundreds of people. The comment typed in the heat of the moment could lead to huge problems down the road when it is time to negotiate a divorce settlement.

When it comes to social media, experts offered several tips for someone who is ending a marriage. They remind people that what they post on Facebook or Twitter is public. While the person might delete what they posted at an emotional time, that could make the problem even worse and make it seem as though they are trying to hide evidence.

Just blocking someone and their friends won't help. They could create another identity or have a friend look at the posts. If someone posts pictures of a new purchase, their ex could say they have the money to pay for spousal support. If a child posts a photo that shows poor decision-making, the ex might use that against their former spouse in a custody situation.

While it may seem difficult for those going through it, many advisers recommend that divorcing spouses stay civil towards each other in public situations and forums. Something posted out of context could prove to be devastating if brought up during court proceedings.

Source: The Huffington Post, "The Divorce Mistakes You Don't Even Know You're Making", Taryn Hillin, March 18, 2014

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