Another "Real Housewives" Couple May Divorce

Ramona Singer, one of the stars of the reality hit series "Real Housewives of New York," and her husband Marco are ending their marriage of 27 years. Recent reports have surfaced of infidelity on the part of both spouses. Ramona, 56, and her husband Marco, 60, have both been reported to be seen out on the town with individuals who could be described as significantly younger than either of them.

There have been other recent reports about possible domestic violence issues surrounding the couple. As recently as Jan. 24, 2014, the police were called to the couple's home in the Hamptons to break up a fight. Ramona initially accused her husband of choking her but decided not to file charges at that time. The couple has one daughter together. At this time, neither spouse has filed for divorce.

Should either party file for divorce in New York, they must adhere to the laws of that state. First, they must meet the requirements for filing within the state of New York. Then, they will file with the Supreme Court of the state of New York in the appropriate county. When they file, they must file with the appropriate grounds for divorce. As both these individuals have means and significant assets, the division of marital assets may be a major point of contention.

New York uses the "equitable distribution" method to divide assets. Equitable means fair, not equal. The judge will use several factors to distribute the assets. They might include the length of the marriage, the future earning potential of each party, and the possible tax consequences. The difficult part for the spouses and their attorneys will be dealing with the press surrounding this high profile case.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Ramona Singer Divorce? 'Real Housewives Of New York City' Star Separates From Husband Mario", January 28, 2014

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