Some Information About Prenuptial Agreements

Colorado couples who are looking forward to their wedding days often have some concerns about whether they should have a prenuptial agreement. While many people have complicated feelings about signing prenuptial agreements, many others enter their marriages more confidently knowing they have taken steps to protect themselves and their assets should problems arise within their relationships.

Many people are delaying marriage until after they further their educations and become established in their careers. While your increased earning power may have stabilized your relationship by minimizing your and your partners' concerns about money, you may be concerned about preserving the assets you've brought to your marriage and how you and your spouse will divide assets if you should decide to divorce. Some people entering a second marriage have special concerns about their assets, particularly if they have children from a previous marriage. Should you choose to sign a prenuptial agreement with your second spouse, you may be able to set aside certain assets for your children in order to ensure their continued financial stability.

Prenuptial agreements cover a variety of a couple's financial holdings and can establish not only what each spouse retains in the event of a divorce, but how the couple will pay debts they may accumulate in the course of their marriage. Prenuptial agreements can also specify whether one spouse will pay spousal support after a divorce.

In order for a prenuptial agreement to be enforceable in court, both partners must fully disclose their finances and sign the agreement voluntarily. Our family law attorneys have years of experience helping to draft prenuptial agreements that may help avert arguments about finances and other common issues. For more information about the services we provide in this regard, please see our page on prenuptial agreements.

Source: Frost & Beck PC, "Denver Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys", December 17, 2014

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