Raising Children After a Divorce

It is very common for Colorado residents who divorce to struggle with ensuring that their child has a good relationship with both parents. Due to having negative feelings about the other person, it can be challenging for parents to refrain from casting their ex in a negative light. However, it is essential to the well-being of children that they have a solid relationship with both parents after a divorce. To make sure this is the case, individuals should do their best to avoid conflicts and try to keep from getting pulled into the middle of a fight between a child and their ex.

Since many divorced parents will have different points of view on a number of topics, conflicts are bound to come up. However, getting into fights is not going to be productive. If someone feels that they are getting too worked up about a topic, then they should ask for time to think about things and set up a time to revisit the issue.

It is also important for parents to understand that their children's relationship with their ex is their relationship and they will need to sort most conflicts out on their own. If a child is unhappy with rules put down by their other parent, it is best for someone to stay out of it and not choose sides, however tempting it may be.

When someone with children gets a divorce, in addition to issues of asset division and alimony, they will also have to address child support, custody, and visitation. A lawyer could explain an individual's rights and how the law handles these matters as well as negotiating on their behalf.

Source: Huffington Post, "Navigating Loyalty in Divorce", Dr. Peggy Kruger Tietz, September 17, 2013

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