5 Divorce Tips for the Man of the House

In our last post, we offered our Colorado readers some financial divorce tips for the stay-at-home spouse, typically the woman. Today's posting is the flip side of that advice.

In today's marriages, both spouses are often working. And although either the husband or the wife can be the primary breadwinner, in many marriages it is the man. When a couple is divorcing, there are steps the husband can take to protect his interests, while hopefully achieving an amicable divorce. The court will be looking at the actions of both parties during the divorce proceedings, and bad behavior is seldom rewarded.

The following five tips are offered for men during the divorce.

  1. Stay in the family home. Even if the husband needs to sleep on the couch or the spare bedroom, by staying in the home the husband helps the court see that it is a joint asset. This includes continuing contributions to the household expenses.

  2. Don't hide any assets. If assets are hidden, and the court discovers them, it is not looked upon favorably. When assets are discovered, as they typically are, the court will have little faith in your opinions or statements in any financial discussions.

  3. Be nice. This means not saying nasty things about one's spouse. Negative statements can escalate into threats and orders for protection, which does not help a husband's case in child custody determinations and other issues.

  4. Be nice online. Social media is increasingly playing a part in divorce proceedings and can be proof of bad behavior.

  5. Wait until the divorce is final before entering into new relationships. A couple is still married until the divorce is final. Gifts to a new significant other can be used to prove that there is disposable income and potentially lead to higher spousal support payments. It's better to wait until the divorce is complete.

These are just a few tips a man can take to heart. During a divorce, both men and women should seek the counsel of experienced legal professionals to prevent any unintended behavioral mistakes.

Source: Huffington Post, "The Male Side of Divorce: What Men Need to Know," Silvana D. Raso, Aug. 7, 2012

At our Denver law firm, we assist individuals through all of the steps of divorce including those described in this post.

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