International Child Support Enforcement

Families move from country to country in this increasingly global community. What happens when you reside in a foreign country and have a child support order but your ex-spouse moves to the U.S. and now refuses to pay child support, or you are a resident of the U.S. and find yourself served with papers from a foreign country for child support? You may feel overwhelmed in either scenario.

While your child support matter may take place on an international level, you should still have a local Denver attorney protecting your rights and interests.

Colorado has codified into statute The Hague Convention of the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance. Further, the U.S. government has treaties with foreign reciprocating countries to provide child support services. This means that you can recover from or be obligated for child support in any of The Hague Support Convention member countries or with any of the specific countries listed below:

If your spouse works for a U.S. firm but is out of the country, the U.S. firm will garnish wages to comply with child support orders. If there is property in the U.S. owned by a foreign national or a U.S. citizen, that property can be subject to seizure to pay for past due child support. If a foreign national or a U.S. citizen is living in the U.S. but refuses to pay child support under an Order from any of the above named countries or a member country of The Hague Support Convention, that person may be looking at having their assets seized, wages garnished, or jail time. These orders know no borders.

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