Denver Lawyer for Family Law Appeals

If you disagree with the judge's decision in your family law case, you have a right to appeal your case to a higher court. It will be necessary for an attorney to review the case to determine if there are legal grounds to appeal. There is only a short period of time to file an appeal after the court's decision is final. At Frost & Beck, PC, we represent clients in appeals throughout Colorado.

Understanding Family Law Appeals

Contact our Denver and Boulder family law appeals lawyers today to appeal your case. Family law decisions can only be appealed in certain circumstances, such as when a rule has been misapplied, the law was misinterpreted or a judge abused their discretion. The appellate process is complex and winning an appeal is difficult. Family law judges have a great amount of discretion. The Appeals Court will most likely uphold the decision unless there is a clear error of law or an abuse of discretion. Additionally, appeals are very expensive.

At Frost & Beck, PC, we will honestly inform you of our opinion of your odds in winning your appeal so that you can make an informed decision as to whether appealing the order will be cost-effective.

Time Is of the Essence

In Colorado, a Notice of Appeal must be filed within 49 days of the final orders issued by the court. This time limit is strictly enforced. If you miss the deadline, you may permanently lose your right to file an appeal and will be bound by the trial court's decision. Once the notice is filed, the Appellate Court will set the briefing schedule.

Preparing the appeal will include the following:

  • Obtain and review the transcript of the hearing
  • Review and prepare the record
  • Perform legal research
  • Prepare legal briefs

Christelle C. Beck and Leslie A. Frost are experienced in drafting persuasive, compelling and successful appellate briefs.

Contact Our Denver and Boulder Family Law Appeals Attorney

There is only a short period of time to file an appeal after the district court's decision is final. Contact our Boulder and Denver family law appeals lawyers today to appeal your case.