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Helping You Determine Financial Security for Your Children

The state of Colorado expects both parents to be financially responsible for their children. One parent will be required to pay child support. Failure to pay child support may result in fines, confiscation of tax returns or imprisonment. If you need a modification of child support because your income has dropped or if you need to enforce a child support order, our attorneys are here to assist you.

Child support is determined by several factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Each parent's gross monthly income
  • The number of overnight stays a child has with each parent
  • Whether a parent is financially responsible for other children from a separate relationship
  • The amount of the child's medical insurance
  • Whether work-related child care is needed and its monthly cost
  • Whether there are extraordinary expenses for the child

Call Frost & Beck, PC, to discuss your concerns about child support. Our attorneys can advise you on what constitutes income for the calculation of child support and the calculation for the expected amount of child support to be paid.

Child Support Disputes

If you are in dispute over the amount of the other parent's income, we will investigate how much he or she actually earns and how it affects child support payments. Our Denver child support attorneys work with forensic accountants, when necessary, to uncover hidden streams of income that affect the amount a parent may expect to pay or receive.

Modifications of Child Support

As time goes on, things will change in the lives of parents and children. One parent may remarry and have more children, the expenses for a child might change, or a parent might lose a job or increase his or her income. When these things happen, re-examining child support may become necessary. We can file for modifications of court orders for child support.

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