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Single fathers at the helm in many more householdsĀ 

Some Colorado parents may find it interesting that the number of households led by single fathers has increased dramatically across the country. A Pew Research study published in mid-2013 suggested that such households represent eight percent of all American households with children. By contrast, in 1960, only one percent of households were led by single dads. Although single mothers also lead households more than ever, the rate of increase was more dramatic amongst dads.

Reviewing alimony and child support payments

State legislators in Colorado and across the nation are considering equal time or at least reducing the disparity between parents in child custody matters. Supporters of these laws feel that it's in the best interests of children to split their time with each parent unless addiction or domestic violence is an issue. However, opponents want judges to have leeway to set up custody that is best for the children.

Beginning of new year brings more divorce filings

January has been nicknamed "Divorce Month" due to many couples in Colorado and throughout the U.S. deciding to get divorced during this month. According to legal research and analysis, there is an increase in divorce cases in January, followed by a rise and peak in March. This statistic is based on divorce filings between 2008 and 2011.

Father gets hearing in custody case

Colorado residents may be interested in the developments of a case involving a father who is fighting for custody of his 6-year-old daughter. The ordeal started in Colorado when the birth mother was still pregnant with the girl. The father filed a paternity petition in Colorado, but the mother then traveled to Utah, where she gave birth to the girl and gave her up for adoption. The adopting parents are the birth mother's brother and sister-in-law.

Do Colorado doctors know about rare disorder causing fractures?

Due to his baby girl having a rare disease that makes the bones extremely brittle and breakable, a father was labeled a child abuser and limited to just two hours per week of court-appointed supervision with her. He lost child custody during the ordeal, which saw the husband and dad charged with second-degree felony injury to a child, something which made even his wife wonder if he was an abuser.

Dog custody cases increasing in U.S.

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for a family when children are involved, and couples with pets are finding that deciding who gets custody of the family dog can be equally as hard. Increasing numbers of Colorado families are taking their battles over where their four-legged friends will live after the divorce into court to be settled along with other more traditional issues.

Cheating and divorce

When Colorado residents discover that their spouse has cheated on them, it is not uncommon for this revelation to lead to divorce. However, even though a couple may decide to end their marriage due to infidelity, whether someone cheated or not usually has no bearing on the divorce process from a legal standpoint. Since Colorado is a no-fault divorce state, the court does not care why a marriage is ending, only that a divorce is taking place.

Baseball fans wonder if Dodgers owner hit grand slam in divorce

Colorado Dodgers' fans learned that the ex-wife of team owner Frank McCourt would have to be satisfied with only $131 million. That amount was awarded to Jamie McCourt in her divorce from the Los Angeles Dodgers owner, who went on to sell the team for a record $2.15 billion just five months later. A judge told her that she had no legal basis to share in the $1.278 billion profit her ex-husband scored in the deal.

Handling common divorce fears

One of the biggest sources of concern for Colorado residents who divorce is how their finances will look after they end their marriage. How much people get in a divorce will often determine where they live, how well their children are cared for and what their lifestyle will be. While it is normal to be concerned about these issues, there are some ways that individuals can take control of their situation and ensure they end up with an equitable outcome in their divorce.

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