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How divorcing parents can make life easier on themselves

Indeed, the process of divorce can seem like the worst time of your life. Not only has your marriage not worked out, you may feel like a colossal failure and you may hate your soon-to-be ex-spouse for not putting more energy into the relationship, especially if you are parents. This may lead to a strong sense of animosity and bitterness, but you cannot let it ruin your life.

In unique case, judge grants three-way child custody

When a couple in Denver divorces, deciding who will retain custody of a child is often a heated aspect of the split. Ideally, parents should work together to do what is best for the child so that he or she can lead a happy and healthy life. Sometimes this involves one person solely taking over parenting duties and sometimes it involves splitting parenting responsibilities between the parties.

Will split custody be harmful for my young child?

When dealing with all of the aspects of your Denver divorce, one of the most important things will be how you and your ex co-parent your child. Babies and toddlers need a lot of attention and you may worry about your child’s emotional well-being if he or she is forced to divide time between two households. A new study has found that kids who spent equal time with both parents after a divorce had positive outcomes, according to Live Science.

Non-custodial mothers face harsh stigma

When a couple with children in Denver divorces, family courts often try to arrive at a custody arrangement that keeps both parents involved with their kids as much as possible. Sometimes, the best situation for everyone is for one parent to have custody of the children while the other parent gets visitation.

Frozen embryos are increasingly becoming an issue in divorces

Increases in technology have made it possible for couples in Colorado to delay becoming parents until they wish to do so. A woman’s eggs can be harvested and then fertilized through in vitro fertilization. The resulting embryo can then be frozen and thawed and implanted at a time of the couple’s choosing. However, if the couple ends up divorcing, the fate of those frozen embryos can sometimes lead to a battle in court.

Preparing for a new school year after a divorce

Dealing with the aftermath of a divorce can be difficult enough for many people. The start of a new school year can often bring additional challenges when exes are dealing with it for the first time. However, with a little bit of effort from all of the parties involved, it is possible to make things go smoothly.

Will split custody be bad for my child's well-being?

It's only natural to wonder how spending time in two different households will affect your child. It may seem like having two sets of rules, two different bedrooms and two different schedules would be a great source of stress. But you can rest assured that a split custody arrangement is not going to be harmful for your child.

What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation occurs when your ex systematically turns your child against you until the relationship between you and your child deteriorates enormously or entirely. There are many different methods that your ex may use to accomplish this, including:

Sole custody: When is it appropriate?

Many courts are starting to embrace the idea that it is best for a child in Colorado to have frequent contact with both parents, and for both parents to be involved in raising the child. However, sometimes there are circumstances where granting one parent sole custody is warranted. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2011, more than 28 percent of all children lived with only one biological parent.

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