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Child custody orders look very different from those of years past

Child custody orders in Colorado these days may look very different from those established 30 years ago. There are now other options than having a child live with one parent and having visitation with the other parent one weekday and every-other weekend. The primary focus when it comes to child custody these days is what is in the best interests of the child.

A brief overview of child custody in Colorado

For most parents in Colorado, nothing is more important to them than their child's well-being. Therefore, if parents divorce, they may want to make sure any child custody decisions are made in a way that allows the child to grow and thrive. The state recognizes this, and therefore, when making child custody decisions, courts are to make decisions that are in the child's best interests.

We assist clients with their child custody and visitation needs

Raising a child is not always easy, but it is an act of the unconditional love a parent in Colorado has for their child. Parents want their children to grow up in a happy and healthy environment. Therefore, should the parents of a child divorce, they may have many questions about their rights to have access to their child so they can maintain a bond with them.

Don't wait to get holiday child custody schedule in order

While some people in Centennial may feel irked to see Christmas decorations for sale in stores before Halloween is even over, for better or worse, the winter holidays will be here before we know it. The holidays always bring with them a certain amount of stress, and this can be especially true if a couple with children has divorced. In fact, divorced parents may be well served to establish a holiday child custody schedule (or review an existing one) sooner, rather than later, to avoid unexpected surprises and conflict.

Is a birdnesting child custody arrangement right for you?

Parents in Colorado going through a divorce may assume that the only outcome is that there will be two separate households, with the child shuttling between homes during custody and visitation periods. However, some parents, recognizing that divorce itself brings big changes to a child's life, want to try to minimize the disruption to the child's life as much as possible. If parents in this situation are able to cooperate very well, they may want to consider an alternative child custody arrangement: birdnesting.

What factors will a court consider in child custody cases?

When parents in Centennial go through a divorce, they may naturally be very concerned about how the process will affect their child and what rights they'll have to their child when the process is finished. While, sometimes, parents are able to work out a parenting plan through negotiations, other times negotiations fail and they need to turn to the court to make child custody decisions. Any parenting time schedules made must first and foremost meet the best interests of the child standard. In determining what the child's best interests are, the court will consider a number of factors.

New app helps parents with scheduling post-divorce

Between soccer games, piano recitals, school plays, birthday parties and everything in between, parents in Colorado understand just how busy life with kids can be. Family life becomes even more complicated, however, if the child's parents divorce. After a divorce, in addition to the child's schooling and extra-curricular activities, parents will need to make arrangements for child custody exchanges, holidays and other events laid out in their parenting plan. This can become very complicated, especially if the parents are not on good terms with one another after their divorce.

What do the courts mean by 'best interests of the child?'

Throughout a divorce, if children are involved, you may hear the courts talk about and consider what they believe to be "the best interests of the children." Many decisions regarding child custody, child support and even property division, specifically concerning who stays in the house, could be made while keeping the best interests of the children in mind. So what exactly do they mean by that term?

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