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Pamela Anderson is officially divorced from Rick Salomon

Colorado residents may be interested to learn that Pamela Anderson's divorce from poker player Rick Salomon has finally concluded. The divorce had become nasty in March when Ms. Anderson filed for a restraining order against Mr. Salomon, claiming he was abusive to her.

Divorce is more likely when wife is seriously ill

Colorado residents should be aware that in marriages where the wife has a serious illness, the rate of divorce increases, according to studies. When John Edwards and Newt Gingrich received criticism for divorcing their sick wives, an assistant professor of human development and family studies at Iowa State became interested in the correlation between illness and divorce. She and fellow researchers published a study that reportedly found a 6-percent increase in the rate of divorce for couples with an ill wife.

Colorado artists' divorces include their work

When Colorado artists begin the divorce process, they should be aware that their creations and intellectual property are still considered marital assets. This extends to all works created or sold during the marriage, but exempts those created before the marriage or after legal separation began. Artists' spouses may claim certain pieces or interests in residual income or copyright from such pieces for a given time or percentage of the work's appraised value.

How do you modify spousal support in Colorado?

It's not uncommon for spousal support rulings in Colorado to have predefined end dates. For instance, the spousal support may end when the recipient remarries or enters into a cohabitation relationship with another person. A spousal support order may also end after a certain period, such as five years. Sometimes, though, one party may find it necessary to modify the support order before that termination date.

Basic information about divorces

Any Colorado resident who is interested in dissolving a marriage may be curious about how divorce works. The process can be confusing, so it is important for individuals to gather some basic information before getting started. Divorce is the legal procedure that severs a marital relationship. The judge declares that the parties are no longer legally bound to each other, divides any jointly-owned property, determines custody of any minor children born from the marriage and enters appropriate child support or spousal maintenance orders.

Ignoring retirement accounts in divorce can be a mistake

When a marriage ends, Colorado residents must decide what to do with assets acquired during the marriage before they can finalize the divorce and move on. According to a recent article, twice as many couples 50 and over divorced in 2010 compared to 1990. As more older adults are choosing divorce, retirement accounts and Social Security are becoming an asset that people cannot afford to ignore. However, many people do not realize that retirement accounts in a spouse's name could still be included in a division of marital assets.

Tips for ending a marriage in the age of social media

When a Colorado couple ends their marriage, they will need to remember that technology has changed several aspects of dealing with an ex-partner. In the past, a disgruntled spouse might have called a friend or two to vent about their frustration during a divorce. Now, they might post a comment on social media about the unfair treatment they are suffering. What was previously a private comment to one or two people could now be seen in public by hundreds of people. The comment typed in the heat of the moment could lead to huge problems down the road when it is time to negotiate a divorce settlement.

Divorce laws updated

To an extent, divorce has become a game of chance. Depending on presiding judges and what court district handles the case, divorcing couples in and near Denver, Colorado, with similar circumstances may be assigned wildly different support arrangements. "Alimony" has become a charged word in the lexicon of the divorcing or recently divorced.

Same-sex divorce can be a legal morass

Few couples get married with the thought that at some point their marriage will end. Yet while it is accepted that a heterosexual couple should have the right to split up, the path to divorce for same-sex couples in Colorado and elsewhere is still murky. Throughout the nation, a discussion offamily law regarding same-sex divorce has been overlooked in the fight for marriage equality. Conflicting state laws governing same-sex marriage are largely to blame, and can complicate issues relating to inheritance and child custody as well as divorce.

Baseball fans wonder if Dodgers owner hit grand slam in divorce

Colorado Dodgers' fans learned that the ex-wife of team owner Frank McCourt would have to be satisfied with only $131 million. That amount was awarded to Jamie McCourt in her divorce from the Los Angeles Dodgers owner, who went on to sell the team for a record $2.15 billion just five months later. A judge told her that she had no legal basis to share in the $1.278 billion profit her ex-husband scored in the deal.

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